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4xtweet.com is a leading online news gate for all those interested in financial and capital markets. 4xtweet provides you with all the important news you need to know and follow to know what’s going around in capital markets. Covering all economic news and events, following news about stocks, oil, gold, crypto currencies, commodities and currencies; and with the help of supported money management, risk calculation and analysis tools you will have all you need in one place to help you make the right investment decisions. With 4xtweet, you have an open guardian eyes on capital markets.

All that in addition to the free educational content published on our channel on Youtube Channel

4xtweet in numbers (what we have in 4xtweet):

  • 3k+ news article
  • 350+ technical analysis article
  • 8 different risk management/analysis tools

YouTube channel:

  • 771 video of free educational content
  • 13k+ subscriber
  • 1.1 M views
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